Everyone is a little tangled up. One of the worst things is that we sometimes can’t see how we’re tangled up, so we struggle to make sense of our own stories.  Chris has helped to clarify things for me.  By observing where issues were linked and noting how stories were related, Chris helped me to see how connected things are.

With a sister and a mother who both work as therapists, and a father who works as a pastor, I am an unusual case for any therapist to take on. Many would assume I have the support I need to work through any trial life brings my way.

I have been in counseling with Chris Lewis. This process has been a life-changing experience and I am extremely grateful that I started. This journey has been rough at times and has been a lot of hard work but it’s always been worth it.

We wake, if we ever wake at all, to mystery, to rumors of death, beauty, violence … ‘Seem like we’re just set down here,’ a woman said to me recently, ‘and don’t nobody know why.