Cristina Davis was my counselor, she was attentive, professional, respectful and straight forward. I felt like she really get me and listened to what I had to say and that goes to show that she truly care for me individually. I would highly recommend her.

Cristina is the best, very educated in her field and easy to work with!

Christina was awesome! She really helped my partner and I improve our communication and relationship as a whole. Would highly recommend for couples.

My preteen daughter was having some issues dealing with her emotions etc so we decided to see Cristina Davis.
After the first session, my daughter immediately clicked with her and felt comfortable.
She literally told me after the session “ She was not what I expected, and I choose her.”

As a parent, I felt a little shame wondering what I did wrong that lead us to the point of seeking professional help, but Cristina immediately put me at ease, never once felt judged in any way.
Weekly sessions became something my daughter was looking foward to. It says a lot about a person when children are drawn to a person. Even my toddler who I brought with me at the end of my daughters sessions started asking about Cristina!
We are forever grateful for all of Cristina’s help and will miss her.

My preteen daughter came to see Cristina Davis. My daughter was nervous about meeting her and to my relief she immediately clicked with her during our initial appointment. Made this process a lot easier!
I as a parent never felt judged and felt comfort my daughter will get then help she needed.
During the course of her sessions, I can see positive changes. She has a way of making my daughter feel comfortable, & was looking foward to her sessions with her to connect. You can tell a lot about people when children are drawn to a particular person. Even my younger toddler daughter would ask for her!
We will always be forever grateful and will miss her now that we are finished.