Shayla encouraged me to apply to a role as a mental health clinician because she saw something in me that I was not able to see in myself at the time. While working alongside her I learned how passionate she is about genuinely understanding the root of her clients trauma. She has a unique approach from all the various jobs and experiences she’s held ranging from a highly competitive collegiate athlete to coaching to teaching to therapy. She has a wide knowledge from lived experiences which allows her to connect with a variety of individuals. She’s caring, direct, and supportive and works best with those who are ready for change. Shaylas awesome!

I’ve been meeting with Shayla Haller for the last 3 years and have loved her! She has pushed me and helped my faith grow stronger. I have grown so much closer to God and have learned a lot of tools from her that will be beneficial for the rest of my life.

Finding a counselor can be a big step. It can be challenging to find one that has an opening to accept another client, let alone one that seeks God first in all sessions. Shayla has been such an answer to prayer for our family. She opens up each session with prayer and we give God all the authority, power and praise as we navigate difficult times and rejoice in the victories. Shayla listens as we share updates on our week and she helps us learn the skills to provide practical and attainable steps as we navigate healing.