It feels awkward to rate a counselor like an Amazon purchase. So instead of rating Benita, I’ll tell you how I feel after spending an hour with her… I feel better. Like 5 stars better. I feel heard and understood, and I leave with helpful and applicable wisdom that makes sense.

Benita is a wonderful counselor. She is kind and thoughtful. She is able to help you find new ways to look at issues and help you discover how to address the issues.

Benita has been a wonderful counselor offering insight and advice with a Christian perspective. She is attentive, listens well, and is perceptive. I highly recommend her as a family counselor.

I would highly recommend Benita Weems to anyone seeking counseling. She is a great listener, gives truly insightful feedback and genuinely cares for her clients.

Benita Weems has been insightful, caring, and comforting during some very dark days. She has helped guide my wife and I through this trying season of life and we are very appreciative. She comes highly recommended.