I just read the comments about Andi and I agree whole heartedly! She is very personable and very creative and thoughtful in getting to small goals that are easily achieved and put into practice for life changing results! She does her homework and each of our sessions has incrementally helped me let go of fear and control. I love the verses she shares with me to keep close to me. I have been having deeply meaningful connections with people because of my willingness now to take risks and let God work through me

Andi is an exceptional mental health professional. She goes above and beyond È›o ensure quality individualized care. She is thoughtful, creative and tenacious about helping you work through the complexities of your unique experience. Give her a chance and you’ll know very quickly that I speak the truth.

Andi is thoughtful, warm and empathetic. She is very open minded and has a wonderful ability to apply her expertise in a personable and considerate fashion. Additionally, she is professional and reliable exhibiting a set of characteristics that are unbeatable when it comes to choosing a therapist.

Andi is an amazing counselor. I will always appreciate her!

As a pastor, I am always looking for counselling resources for people in my church. Andi has been a Godsend! She is professional, knowledgeable, and very personal. The feedback I have received from those who I referred to Andi has been exceptional. I highly recommend her!